I am a seasoned software engineer passionate about complex systems and huge codebases. Unlike many developers I don’t mind working with legacy code and adding new features or tracking bugs in existing large scale systems.

My expertise in different technologies and programming languages allows me to traverse through multiple layers of the system and design holistic solutions fitting well into an existing architecture.

At present I am working on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) extensions and security improvements. I developed an Audio HAL driver from scratch which is distributed with SCR Screen Recorder app. I contributed patches both to AOSP and CyanogenMod.

I created this blog a loooong time ago for two reasons: to share my Flex related thoughts and to have them archived for later use.
It worked quite well for Flex so I hope to find it equally useful for sharing and archiving my Android related reflections.

When I started this blog I also wrote about my passions and attitude to software development. While these pages are a bit dated I still mostly agree with what they say so I decided not to delete them.

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