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package com.iwobanas.controls.dataGridClasses.filterEditors
    import com.iwobanas.controls.dataGridClasses.MDataGridColumn;
    import mx.core.IUIComponent;
     * The IColumnFilterEditor defines interface of all column filter editors.
     * Column filter editors are used to modify MDataGrid column filters.
     * @see com.iwobanas.controls.dataGridClasses.filters.ColumnFilterBase
     * @see com.iwobanas.controls.dataGridClasses.filterEditors.FilterEditorBase
    public interface IColumnFilterEditor extends IUIComponent

         * Start editing filter for the given column.
         * Implementation of this function should update MDataGridColumn 
         * <code>editorInstance</code> property.
         * <p>Typically concrete editors also check the type of columns 
         * <code>filter</code> property and create new filter if needed.</p>
        function startEdit(column:MDataGridColumn):void;
         * End editing filter for the given column.
         * Implementation of this column should also set MDataGridColumn 
         * <code>editorInstance</code> property to null.
         * <p>Ending editing the filter does not mean that the filter should be deactivated. 
         * Only the editor component should be closed.</p>
        function endEdit():void;