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package com.iwobanas.utils
     * The WildcardUtils class is an all-static class with methods for working with wildcards.
     * You do not create instances of WildcardUtils; instead you simply call static methods such as the WildcardUtils.wildcardToRegExp() method.
    public class WildcardUtils
         * Convert wildcard string to regular expression.
         * @param wildcard wildcard string to be converted to regular expression
         * @param flags flags used to create regular expression (see RegExp documentation)
         * @param asterisk whether asterisk is interpreted as any character sequence
         * @param questionMark whether question mark is interpreted as any character
         * @return regular expression equivalent to passed wildcard
        public static function wildcardToRegExp(wildcard:String, flags:String = "i", asterisk:Boolean = true, questionMark:Boolean = true):RegExp
            var resultStr:String;

            //excape metacharacters other than "*" and "?"
            resultStr = wildcard.replace(/[\^\$\\\.\+\(\)\[\]\{\}\|]/g, "\\$&");

            //replace wildcard "?" with reg exp equivalent "."
            resultStr = resultStr.replace(/[\?]/g, ".");

            //replace wildcard "*" with reg exp equivalen ".*?"
            resultStr = resultStr.replace(/[\*]/g, ".*?");
            return new RegExp(resultStr, flags);